MAR 2023

Social Media Campaign

With the Zoopscoop now on sale worldwide, the company wanted video content of showing the product in use, both at home and on the move.

JAN 2021

3D Animation

Zoopscoop is an innovative solution that vastly improves the dispensing, portability, hygiene, and controlled measurement of powders such as proteins, supplements, baby formula, coffee and flour. The founder approached us with a clear vision; to create an elegant 3D animation to show potential funders and customers how the Zoopscoop worked and to outline the benefits.

FEB 2021

Kickstarter Campaign

Zoopscoop needed an informative and high-quality video lead with on their Kickstarter campaign. It needed to cover the problems with regular scoops, explain the benefits of the Zoopscoop, and show how the product worked. We’re proud to report that Zoopscoop reached its target of $40,000 in under 30 minutes.