Growing a start up?

At collab, we specialise in partnering with start-ups and small businesses to create films that help them stands out in a noisy world. We’ll work closely with you to identify what deliverables will provide the best value-add for your budget. Here are some examples of previous work for other partners.

Kickstarter videos

Are you looking to boost your fundraising drive? The key to a successful campaign is a punchy, informative explainer video that gives backers trust that they’re investing into something with potential. Here’s an example.

Product & lifestyle social content

We film regularly for TRIP, who have a great social media presence and have grown massively over the last few years. Whether it’s product shots or more of a lifestyle feel you’re going for, we’ve got experience in both.

Promotional videos

For your website home page, and to pin on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages, promotional videos are key to driving trade once you’re up and running. Here’s a short film we made for a small Osteopathy company in West London.

Crowdfunding & Seed Investment

Robert at Helios Solar Operations & Maintenance Ltd. was looking to raise capital to grow the business and came to us to produce a pledge video that was designed to be sent to investors as part of a funding drive.

Community based videos

If your project supports the local community and you’re looking to gain wider support or funding, a short, friendly video can help amplify your impact and get more people involved in your work.

Explainer videos & commercials

If you’ve created something new or innovative that needs clear instructions on how to use, a series of short explainer videos can make all the difference.

Ready to grow your start up with impactful video?

Let’s talk. We’d love to hear about your start-up or project and discuss how we can support you grow through video and media.