Construction & Real Estate

Case Studies

Company overview videos

Whether it’s front and centre on your homepage, or to circulate on social media and LinkedIn, every company, whatever size, needs a catch-all video that helps inform people who you are and what you do in less than 2 minutes.

Project launch videos

If you have projects to showcase, we travel across the UK and overseas to interview stakeholders and capture the projects at their best. With our partner Ridge, we filmed a completed cycle highway using a mix of high quality interview film, 4K drone and GoPro footage.

Residential video tours

During the Pandemic, video tours and viewings increased in popularity. Now it’s becoming the norm. Here’s an example of a centrally located London property that sold for over £20m, thanks to the video we produced for the owner.

Event or training videos

If you have internal training or you’re hosting events that it would be useful to have captured to show wider audiences, we can bring a range of camera and sound gear to capture events of any size. 

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