Collab Academy

Supporting young, ambitious filmmakers and designers through a series of creative workshops and immersive field days to help kickstart careers and build networks of inspiring creators.


How does it work?

Throughout the year, we run online and in-person workshops and host field-days (film shoots) for participants to get hands-on experience across a range of activities from directing, producing, and camera operation, to design, post-production and promotion.

Who's it for?

We welcome all ages, and there is no minimum qualification required. We invite anyone interested to complete a short application to share your motivations for joining, your skills and experience to date. Most people who participate are young, ambitious creatives who’ve recently completed higher education and are looking for opportunities to get real world, hands-on experience and build networks as they forge a career in film and the wider creative industry.

How much does it cost?

Here’s the best bit. It’s free. Provided we think you’re a good fit, and there’s availability on the workshop or field day you’d like to participate in, you’re in.

"We've created something I wish had existed when I started out."

Tom Lewis – Executive Producer

Our ethos

Not only are we passionate about the films and media we produce, we’re also dedicated to creating opportunities for talented individuals who we believe in and support them to go on to bigger and better things. 


The film and design industries are extremely competitive environments to break into. For those with real potential, often all it takes is that first opportunity to get just get involved. The Collab Academy is set up to create those first opportunities – and in doing so, provide real, meaningful, and goal-oriented experiences for anyone just starting out.

Feeling inspired?

To confirm your interest in joining the Collab Academy, complete this short form. One of our team will be in touch with next steps.